Meet Lishai, Owner & CEO of The Jewel Standard

In her early 20's Lishai took a job in the diamond industry thinking it would be temporary- she was very wrong! She quickly fell in love with the industry and found her passion in fine jewelry and all things diamond. She spent the next 2 years learning the ins and outs of the industry at a diamond company in her hometown of Baltimore, and the following 3 years as a Bridal and Custom Jewelry Design Consultant in New York City. Diamond education, sourcing diamonds, and custom engagement ring and jewelry design became her specialty. 


It was always a dream to be an entrepreneur and when she started to see a gap in the industry that she could fill- that is when The Jewel Standard was born! Our core values are luxury AND relatability- we strongly believe that you can do things your own way and not how its always been done. If someone wants to wear sweats and diamonds all over, why not?! At The Jewel Standard we believe in treating YOURSELF and breaking the stigma that diamonds are only to be worn when dressing up or if you fit a certain mold. We focus on transparency, relatability, and most importantly- our clients!



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